This project has received funding from the Europeans Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 645145.
Haptic Printed Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surfaces


The HAPPINESS typical application will be a 3D-shaped demonstrator of an Automotive Dashboard integrating advanced Touch Sensing and Haptic Feedback capabilities.

Currently located inside the car, centrally, accessible by both driver and passenger, the automotive dashboard integrates different parts of the front part (inside the car), allowing the driver and passenger to use many functions such as air conditioning, radio, GPS and various other controls.

Currently, all the parts of this component of the vehicle are small mechanical elements which are manually actuated (with a mechanical response) depending on its use. Currently the automotive market is progressively shifting from physical interfaces to touch screen technologies. However touch-screens do not have the physical properties of physical buttons that allow eyes-free interaction, which is a major security issue for the driver who has to focus his visual attention to the road.

The goal of the HAPPINESS project is to replace all the mechanical components and take advantage of touch technology while restoring haptic feedback and achieving an integrated product directly assembled for the final manufacturer. Thus the weight, cost and complexity of inline assembly of the product will be reduced, as well as the assembly time for the final installer (OEM) that will result in a cost reduction for manufacturers, while interaction with the controls will continue being safe for the driver.